Why You Should Build A Simple and Straightforward Website

If you are looking to grow your business, or perhaps your current website may be out of date, then you are probably considering potential future web design plans. Many firms feel pressure to spend a fortune on their website, without even considering what their current and future business requirements may be. Chances are, you could even end up with a website that is too complex and convoluted to navigate, scaring off your potential and current customer base. When you are considering building a new site, it is important that you consider your user first. Remember that you will want to build a website that is simple and straightforward to use, to ensure that you retain users on your site and boost overall traffic levels.

Keep it Simple

Regardless of whether you are taking the design process off to an agency team, or are keen to keep your initial discussions in-house, it is vital that you consider what you want your site to achieve. Remember when it comes to web design you don’t even need to know any code, but you will need to be able to brainstorm your overall site experience and plan user journeys. Begin by creating profiles of the sample, potential site users. From journalists to customers or even investors, consider how they will use the information on your site, and plan out an ideal site visit. It is important to include this step so that you can make sure there are no gaps in your sitemap, plus you can check if your initial designs are too complex.

Include a Sitemap

Each and every website needs a sitemap. Not only will this help search engines, such as Google, to pick up on certain pages from your site, it will also enable you to ensure that all of your web pages contain the appropriate keywords and meta tags so that users land on the page that they are looking for while browsing.  If you are unsure how to go about designing and planning your sitemap, then make sure that you look online. Companies such as Slickplan can help you to design a sitemap that will function for your site.

Make it Responsive

The way that we consume information is rapidly changing. Nowadays, consumers want to be able to access information while on the go, thanks to the digital world that we live in. If you want to make sure that your website meets with current consumer trends, and provide information about your firm that can be accessed across all mobile devices, then make sure you choose a responsive design. This will ensure that your site adapts to any screen size.

When you are designing a new website for your company, make sure that you consider the design before beginning work on content. Make sure that you consider who will visit your website and plan out user journeys. Be sure to include a sitemap. Finally, make sure that your website is fully responsive, to ensure that you keep on trend in today's increasingly digitalized world.

Guest PostsLogan Lenz