WordPress plugins for 2017 that will always keep your website visible and attractive

SEO is not new in the city. The new algorithm changes from Google are! That is why SEO is again evolving to match up to the standards of the leading search engine that command over 77% of all online searches. Google is now controlling the search engine market with ease. If you optimize your website for this search engine, you can be sure that you will enjoy higher rankings. Unless, your target crowd prefers using other search engines like Baidu, Yahoo, and Bing.

Optimization is a lot easier with WordPress

Compatibility is no longer an issue with WordPress sites taking the lead in the e-commerce market. Most company websites and online portfolio sites are also using WordPress frameworks and CMS systems. Recent studies show, about 75 million websites now use WordPress. According to SEO Singapore, it runs about 27.5% of all websites in the world.

The evolution of plugins for WordPress sites is keeping WordPress young and attractive for all webmasters. Google loves WordPress sites since they have a fine structural hierarchy, they have options to optimize videos, pictures and more. Building links and maintaining them is so much easier with WordPress plugins in the repository.

How can you keep your sites updated to algorithm changes of Google?

Here are a few plugins that keep WordPress the #1 choice for bloggers, webmasters, and e-commerce website builders alike.

Yoast SEO

Almost all popular WordPress plugin lists begin with Yoast. Yoast is a complete solution for any level of WordPress user. From beginners who are taking baby steps in the world of optimization and link building.

Yoast boats over 1 million downloads. It has Page Analysis features that make sure you are using the right placement of your keywords. It checks your meta descriptions and your SEO titles. Subheads and images are also important, and Yoast knows that!

The advanced XML sitemaps feature makes Yoast the apple of the eye of pro SEOs. You can activate this feature with one click. Yoast also enables you to fight against all other websites using original content and Breadcrumbs navigation. It even adds a custom RSS footer to your WordPress posts with just one click.

WP Meta SEO 

The WP Meta SEO is a new tool from the WordPress repository that offers a flurry of new features for all its users. It is a very easy tool that makes content editing and searches engine optimization a breeze. In a matter of seconds, you can turn a bland article into a search engine piece in a friendly way, even your human users will appreciate.

The dashboard is the USP of this plugin. It gives you a clear and concise view of your website contents. It will show which areas need more improvement. All reports and scores come in the form of percentages. You can even see permalinks, SEO title, meta title, meta description and 404s optimizations in a percentage format.

The WP Meta SEO enables bulk editing of metadata. Go to the Pages Section of the plugin and select any page. This will take you to the Page Optimization Settings for each page. It is amazing for traffic management, keyword analysis, and PPC strategies.  

All in One SEO Pack 

Till date, All in One SEO Pack is the only plugin that complements WordPress e-commerce sites. Evidently, it has over 27 million downloads and 1 million users who love it and endorse it for its e-commerce friendly features. As a result, the user-guide is very simple. It includes tutorial videos, infographics and all FAQs regarding plugin installation and usage.

The USP of this plugin is auto-generation of meta tags. It helps in optimization of page titles and set titles for better SEO. You can use it as soon as your finish installing it. You hardly need to adjust its features for site optimization.

It is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress, and it is a tough contender of Yoast. It generates ready-to-use XML sitemaps and enables users to detect duplicate content on the websites.

Premium SEO Pack

Just like the name suggests, the Premium SEO Pack is a premium plugin that can deliver a score of new features to your doorstep. If you own a WordPress site, you need this plugin to exact the benefits of your CMS system fully.  

It will not only help you with search engine optimization, but it will also improve your site loading time. This directly contributes to your website SEO and traffic. The Premium SEO Pack directly helps your site to stay on the top of any Google SRL.

It also packs a bulk optimization option for WordPress. This enables you to apply changes to multiple pages on your domain within a brief period. Just like almost all other premium plugins, the Premium SEO Pack helps you to create XML sitemaps within seconds.

WooCommerce All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack for WooCommerce is easy to setup and use. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Having All in One SEO Pack on your WooCommerce team means, you get to see a dialog box while editing any WooCommerce products on your site.

All the products you add under WooCommerce can now have keyword rich titles and meta descriptions thanks to the All in One SEO Pack. This plugin will manage titles, title attributes, menu titles and product details on your e-commerce site. This plugin has a dedicated user/member forum. You can check out recent discussions for any plugin related doubt you may have.

Without plugins, managing website data and optimizing the viewing for search engines would have been impossible. Many of the plugins mentioned here also have free versions. This allows independent ventures and small businesses, optimize their sites for search engines too.

Author Bio: Samuel Black is a search engine analyst. He has been working with SEO divisions of our company for years. His work in the domain of e-commerce related website optimization has earned him and his team some international accolades.  

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