Health Stat Medical Billing


Logo Design

For Health Stat Medical Billing, we updated a preexisting logo to make it a little simpler and cleaner. Beyond that, we focused more on how we could optimize the company's website and how we can drive more clients to their medical billing service. 

Website Design and Optimization

In order to drive more visitors to the site, we began with on-site SEO. We wanted to ensure that the page was loading quickly, the content was succinct and to the point, and that all conversion goals were easy to get to for visitors. 

On top of that, we also designed silos within the page structures to ensure that link equity was passed effectively from one page to another. This heightened the site's categorical intent and made for better positioning for themed keyword searches on search engines. In turn, this also drove up the site's quality score for advertising purposes, which ultimately lowered the company's cost-per-click and total advertising spend. 

After we re-launched the site, we started seeing the results come in within a few weeks. 


We are proud to say that Health Stat Medical Records is still a client of ours. We look forward to continue driving success for their web operations.