Lela's Backyard Bistro


Logo Design

Lela's Backyard Bistro is a catering company located in South Florida. The goal for the company's Founder, Lela Morgan, was to build a fresh, tasty, and healthy service that speaks to both individuals and corporations.

To satisfy Lela's need, we created a cartoon character that embodied her as a chef. The design was fun, playful, and speaks to both sides of her customer demographic.

Not only did we want to build the character for the brand's imagery, but we needed to turn the character into a logo. That's why we used her face in the above logo. 

Below is the character mockup used. 

Website Design Planned for Fall 2017

We are excited to be able to continue working with Lela's Backyard Bistro on an upcoming website launch. More details about that project will be posted here as soon as it is published.