ROIal Sports


Logo Design

ROIal Sports is a sports handicapping company helping subscribers understand the best sports opportunities every week. For a website relaunch, ROIal Sports asked us to carry out a rebranding that spoke to the complications involved with sports wagering. The idea was to toy with sophisticated metaphors like puzzles and chess pieces and embed that into a startup-like web app feel for a more modern touch. 

The logo above was the winner, decided upon by the Founder of ROIal Sports. The use of the final puzzle piece coming into the image to fit perfectly shows that the brand is what customers are missing. With ROIal Sports' insights on upcoming games, customers can rest assured that they are equipped with valuable information.  

Below are some of the other mockups that were in the running. 

Website Design Planned for Fall 2017

We are excited to be able to continue working with ROIal Sports on an upcoming website launch. More details about that project will be posted here as soon as it is published.