The Suburban Warrior Show


Logo Design

The Suburban Warrior Show is a television concept that follows a DIY-er that helps homeowners find the best and most cost-effective ways to get their chores accomplished. Jeff, the show's host and founder, was looking for a brand identity that will help reach his target audience in a fun and memorable way. Since the show is designed to be informative and entertaining, we hoped to provide a logo design that conquered the same variables. 

The logo above was the winner, decided upon by the Founder of The Suburban Warrior Show. The use of the cartoon character in a worker's lush paradise was the best depiction of the show's concept. 

Below are some of the other mockups that were in the running. 

Website Design Planned for Fall 2017

We are excited to be able to continue working with The Suburban Warrior Show on an upcoming website launch. More details about that project will be posted here as soon as it is published.